Tarini Humanitarian Demining & Rehabilatation Works. (THDRW)

A non profit organization established in the year 2005 by Mr V Chandrashekhar with a aim to contribute in the noble cause by eliminating the suffering of the innocent lives being killed due to numerous undetected, live mines still buried in the mother earth all around the world.

The organization is involved in carrying out humanitarian activities like rehabilitation and resettlements of the people effected by natural calamities and other war torn situations.

The organization is also actively involved in conservations of Wild Life in India and Africa.

V. Chandrashekhar, himself a avid wild-lifer and an ace photograph has recently concluded a book “ Animal Tracks & Signs“ soon to be released in the market by a reputed publisher. The proceeding of the same will be donated towards the Wild Life Fund (WWF), India.

The activities are executed by Maj. Gen. T.V Manoharan (retd.) in support with Lt. Col. Satish Nangia (retd.) and other senior ex. Defence Officers.