Oxbow Hydro Project

80 MW Oxbow Hydro Power Project – Kingdom of Lesotho

The Project involves the diversion of water from the Malibamatso river which is one of the principal head waters of the Senqu river in Lesotho.

The river will be diverted from its present course through a tunnel to allow construction of the Dam and after completion of the Dam, the diversion tunnel would be closed with a concrete plug which can be later put into use as a water resource in the future. A head race tunnel is proposed to be constructed to convey water through surge shaft into 1.75 m dia steel penstock leading to ground surface at ultimately feeding 4 Nos. of generating units of 20 MW each (vertical Pelton) with installed capacity of 80 MW . The Power House will be a superstructure supporting the 50 tons overhead crane and an erection bay. The 132 kV double circuit transmission line is proposed to be deigned taking into account the local wind, snow and ice conditions with total length of approx. 138 kms.

The Detailed Project Report (DPR) is being drawn up on the basis of the field studies carried out and the hydrological data made available from the Ministry of Water, Energy and Minning – Kingdom of Lesotho.