Quithing Hydro Project

15 MW Quithing Small Hydro Power Project – Kingdom of Lesotho

The on site preliminary survey of the suggests that a large hydro potential is available on the upper course of the river Quithing as the river exhibits a substantial drop over a short distance which can be transformed into a potential Hydro Project Site. The area is located near Letseng – La – Lestie, about 250 kms drive from the main city.

The engineering concept proposes a rockfill dam to be constructed across the present outlet to raise the water level in the lake – Letseng – La – Lestie. The Dam will create long – term storage allowing constant flows to be fed to the Power House through out the year . A suitable Power House location has been identified below the Village Ha Lathena. The Penstock bifurcates to two branches (600 mm in diameter) to feed 2 Nos. Pelton generating units of 7.5 MW each capacity.

The initial power study reveals that the power evacuation system requires laying of Transmission Line of 125 kms connecting the nearest receiving Substation attributing to excessive transmission line losses.

The preparation of the Detailed Project Report (DPR) suggesting some other feasible options for evacuation system and economizing the Project cost is under progress.