Sabarmati Hydro Project

4 MW Sabarmati Small Hydro Power Project – Gujarat

The Project being developed is a canal based scheme envisaging utilization of the waters of Sabarmati Escape from Narmada Main Canal (NMC) for generation of 4 MW of Hydro power, located about 10 kms from the Ahmedabad Airport, Gujarat.

The intake structures comprising of 20 Nos. of Steel Pipes (each of 700 mm dia) will be connected to common steel pipe which will further bifurcate into unit penstocks each of 2.3 m dia to feed 2 Nos. generating units each of 2 MW capacity. 2 Nos. Butterfly Valves of 2.3 m each is proposed to be provided to each unit penstock to control and regulate the discharges from the NMC.

The proposed Power House Building is 16.75 m long and 10.5 m wide with additional space for service bay. An outdoor switchyard is proposed near to the Power House and the power generated will be evacuated through 66 kV and delivered at the Bath Sub Station – Govt. of Gujarat at a distance of 4 kms.

The Detailed Project Report submitted is under review with the concerned authorities of Govt. of Gujarat.